Quality Brake Work

Warning signs your brakes need to be inspected

  • Red brake lamp or ABS warning light comes on
  • High pitch squealing or grinding noise
  • Brake pedals pulsates, steering wheel or vehicles shakes when applying brakes
  • Excessive dust on wheels

When you think you need brake services, bring your vehicle in to us and we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently. We work on all makes and models and can offer you a comprehensive repairs and services here in the shop. Call us today and schedule your service!

ABS Light Diagnostics

When the ABS light comes on your auto-lock brakes will not work. The system has detected a problem and will deactivate the anti-lock braking. Certified Auto Repair has the tools and training to test the system and repair it correctly.

What to expect during a brake inspection

Our technicians will test drive your vehicle, inspect the brake pads or shoes, drums and rotors, inspect the calipers, lines and hoses and brake fluid condition. Certified Auto Repair will then make recommendations based off OEM specs.

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